Package #3:
ABA Therapy Train-the-Teacher Package
School/Organization with 1-10 Teachers 

$699.00 USD - Monthly

Our worldwide, cloud-based Natural Environment skills training delivers a plan including Train-the-Parent (or Train-the-Teachers) for parents and teachers of children diagnosed with Autism.

ABA Therapy, in most cases, is cost-prohibitive, time-intensive, or geographically impossible to attain. We have created a way to provide training services based on Applied Behavior Analysis Techniques to parents and teachers. Learning the skills proactively and using them allows for decreased cost of services, by leveraging our Health Management System. These are techniques that the parent and the teachers are expected to learn if/when they do receive ABA Therapy Services locally.

Package #1:
Autism Train-the-Parent Package

$39.00 USD per month​

- Weekly Autism Train-the-Parent Video-On Demand - Usage
- Unlimited Technique Logs
- Weekly Invitations to Techniques Webinars at Noon, 6PM and 9PM in every individual timezone in the world!

Are you on a waiting list for ABA Therapy?

Package #2:
Autism Train-the-Parent Package
Customized to Your Individual Child
PLUS a Board Certified ABA Therapist Conference Call Twice Monthly for open forum questions 

$99.00 USD - Monthly