Parents of Autism are able to set the stage for the future of  their child's success. They need to be  empoweredwith direction and

information regarding Autism Early Intervention. They need to set the stage, with respect to how they expect teachers, friends and family to treat their child with Autism. You are your child's advocate. Never give up on your child. At Autism Lizard we are united in the belief that all children:

  • Have the power to learn
  • Are curious & creative
  • Can thrive & succeed



As your child's first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in school living with Autism.




We invite you to work with our online family Autism training to reduce stress in the home and community. Made by therapists, we can help your child get all they can out of their growing years.

One Vision For Autism

Let's face it. The Autism population is growing rapidly. This is a blessing that brings creativity, stealth technical abilities, and the ability to "think outside the box" like never before. 

All community members, as well as home and school require training with regards to 

how to leverage the strengths of people on the Autism spectrum, while keeping them safe.

Autism Lizard provides the solution that allows all to keep the pace with training of people on the Autism spectrum, using evidence-based therapy techniques, approved by the US Surgeon General.

"Natural Environment" Autism Training Activities:

  • "Caught On Camera" videos in Autism homes, with parents using Evidence-based techniques for Autism early intervention training
  • "Caught On Camera" videos in schools with Autism, with teachers using Evidence-based techniques for Autism early intervention training
  • Autism training interactive boards, featuring interactive video training.
  • Time Saver ASD Training Videos for the busy learner
  • Social, Emotional, and Coping skills taught directly to the child with ASD
  • Unlimited Autism early intervention printable Social stories, featuring a video version for the ASD child to follow along.
  • Podcasts featuring thought leaders in the ASD industry
  • Online Support Group and Phone Support Group (coming soon!)​


No two children have exactly the same skills or learning style. That’s why we created KidZone, for children with ASD to learn by video using interactive Social Stories that focus on social, emotional, and coping skills. Your plan will combine "Caught On Camera" real scenarios, for video instruction parent therapy training techniques used in Evidence-based Techniques used in Therapy, in an easy to understand format.​​​​