What are you supposed to do to help your child with these behaviors?
Examples of concerning behaviors that can be replaced with Evidence-based Techniques used in Therapy:

Social turn taking

Response blocking

Planned ignoring

Time out

Motor imitation

Vocal imitation

Receptive identification/labeling

Select preferred items from array

Label common objects


Imitate line/drawing

Can you watch YouTube videos to learn ABA in Therapy methods? Yes however, your child, you, and your family, may or may not benefit from the YouTube teachings.

Here's why: ABA therapy is 100% of the time customized for your child's needs, which are different than a different child's needs.

Our video-modeling of the methods that have been researched and proven to improve behavior, show the parent how to execute the techniques in their home, or other natural environment.

Our mission is not to replace behavior therapy for your child. Instead, our goal is to educate every parent and autistic child that these are the techniques you will be expected to learn when you do go to ABA therapy anyways. You will be expected to use these techniques daily in your home, when you enter therapy, as a parent. The sooner you get started, the better your life and your child's life can become. Creating independence and a healthy mind is all about early intervention. The younger the child, the better the intervention is.

Vocal stereotypy

Self injurious behavior




Runs away overnight 

Cuts school 

Is cruel to animals 
Destroys property 

Gets into fights

Seems irritable


Plays alone 

Autism Lizard digital resources for Parents

Autism Lizard show parents 'how' to use these strategies, and which strategies to go to, when the first one doesn't work,  that need to be taught by the parent in order to diminish the concerning behavior of the child. We show the parent and teachers how to replace their current concerning behavior with a more positive skill.