Watch therapists, parents, and children "model" the behavior that your child should achieve with repetition. Practice this skill, using ABA Therapy Technique Training video education, with your child often throughout the day, until it becomes a mastered skill.

Per your customized ABA Therapy Technique Training Plan that has been created based on your intake form, an email invitation will arrive that invites you to join a "live" video broadcast at noon, 6PM, 9PM (in each individual time zone in the world), 7 days per week, 365 days per year. You will educate your child on this skill all week. A new skill will be added weekly to your plan.

Sign into Autism Lizard at any of those times, or simply select "replay" at any time of the day to see your weekly skill video.

Getting Started is as Easy as Filling out a Form Like This

Autism Lizard's Proprietary Software, created by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, instantly creates a one-of-a kind, customized to the parent and child, weekly video training plan for the parent and teacher.

Custom Autism Lizard Skills Plans Teach Parents and Teachers Techniques for Children that have been studied for 30 years and are endorsed by the US Surgeon General, using Behavior Analysis methods.