Preparing your child for an independent life

A kit is shipped to you with “Independence Themed” Visual Place Mat Engagement System to use for many years to come. Coordinating video training direct to the child is included.

“Independence Themed”

Visual Place Mat Engagement System

Your child will be taught to participate, at their level, in:

  • chores (start at age 2)

  • grocery shopping

  • learning appropriate behaviors

  • communication of needs and wants

  • recognizing facial expressions

  • and much more!

The system: think of a group of laminated kitchen place mats at the dinner table. These visual reminders immerse the child and the parent(s) into evidence-based strategies, based on Applied Behavior Analysis principles, along with video instructions, that will last a lifetime for all family members.

The system will serve as a visual reminder of all of the techniques that can and should be used in the home, community and school on a daily basis that reduce stress for the family.