* Feed themselves
     * Follow simple directions ("bring the ball")
     * Act out a familiar activity in play(e.g., taking a bath)
     * Bring toys to share with parent
     * Like to pull, push and dump things
     * Make marks on paper with crayons
     * Walk without help
     * Step off a low object and keep balance
     * Pull of shoes, socks and mittens


     * Use two to three word sentences
     * Say name of toys
     * Likes to imitate their parent
     * Recognize familiar pictures
     * Show affection
     * Identify hair, eyes, ears and nose by pointing
     * Carry something while walking
     * Play alone (independently)
     * Turn 2-3 pages at a time
     * Feed themselves with a spoon
     * Comfort a distressed friend or parent
     * Build a tower of four blocks



​     * Turn their heads towards bright colors and lights
     * Move both eyes together in the same direction
     * Recognize bottle or breast
     * React to sudden sounds or voices
     * Make fists with both hands to grasp toys or hair
     * Wiggle and kick with arms and legs
     * Lift head and chest when on stomach
     * Make cooing sounds
     * Smile
     * Enjoy playing with people


     * Follow moving objects with their eyes
     * Turn toward the source of normal sound
     * Reach for objects and pick them up
     * Switch toys from one hand to the other
     * Help hold the bottle during feeding
     * Recognize familiar faces
     * Play with their toes
     * Babble
     * Smile at self in mirror


     * Wave bye bye
     * Know 5 or 6 words
     * Stack two blocks
     * Sit without support
     * Play peek a boo and patty cake
     * Hold out their arms and legs while being dressed
     * Repeat sounds or gestures for attention
     * Pull to a standing position
     * Put objects in container
     * Drink from a cup
                         * Doesn’t make eye contact (e.g. look at you when being fed)
                         * Doesn't smile when smiled at
                         * Doesn't respond to his or her name, or to the sound of a familiar voice
                         * Doesn’t follow objects visually
                         * Doesn't point or wave goodbye, or use other gestures to communicate
                         * Doesn’t follow the gesture when you point things out
                         * Doesn’t make noises to get your attention
                         * Doesn’t initiate or respond to cuddling
                         * Doesn’t imitate your movements and facial expressions
                         * Doesn’t reach out to be picked up
                         * Doesn’t play with other people or share interest and enjoyment
                         * Doesn’t ask for help or make other basic requests