U.S. Statistic per the CDC:

3.5 Million people diagnosed with Autism

Only 42,000 Board Certified Behavior Analysts to create and administer the Evidence-based Techniques used in Therapy, that the American Academy of Pediatrics endorses for Autism.*

The gold standard 25-40 hours, 1-3 years consistently, early intervention, is impossible to achieve. Parents experience waiting lists, minimal hours, cost prohibitive therapies ($50 - $150 per hour), and money draining deductibles.

Autism Lizard was created to provide a resource for that problem in the world. We exist to fill in that gap. Early intervention is critical for your child to thrive. Our goal is to be the go to for cloud based early intervention parent training customized to the child.

What the world is doing now simply is not working. We know this because 90% of autistic adults are unemployed or underemployed.
We need to start training parents, who are with the child 24/7/365, the skills that have been studied for 30 years and are US Surgeon General endorsed early.  We are not a replacement for Evidence-based Techniques used in Therapy, in your home, if you have access. We are here to get you started ASAP, regardless of your local waiting list.

* BACB.com as of 10/2019